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Happy Gardener

Jennifer Adebayo

Dear, My First Love

I have been in the hair industry as a licensed cosmetologist for 18 years and I've found the most satisfaction from cleansing the scalp. It probably sounds weird because most stylist will say from cutting, colouring, styling or some other special technique they mastered.


Well, my mastery is in scalp cleansing! It's more than just getting the hair clean, there are thousand of muscles and sensory glands that connection through your whole body. These sensory glands are what make receiving massages so addictive. Your body remembers when someone took care of you, when they cared, when they placed positive energy into you. That's my goal to leave you feeling whole, full of knowledge, and mentally cleansed of all the bad habits we have been fed all these years.  



Jennifer Adebayo

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