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Clean + Natural

My name is Jennifer Adebayo. I am a licensed Cosmetologist of 18+ years, specializing in scalp care. I am also a wife and mother to a Nigerian American family. My mission behind creating our haircare, clothing + accessory line is to create products & items that are apart of changing the beauty standard for melanated people and to leave behind a legacy my daughter can be proud of.

 As a professional I noticed, even with professional salon grade products, the beauty market is filled with products that appear safe and healthy for our skin and hair but are actually only catchy marketing words filled with cheap fillers, harmful chemicals, synthetic fragrances & dyes.


Tru' Native hair products are clean of these fillers and toxins. Our top ingredients are influenced by African & Indigenous hair growth remedies made using natural God given herbs and roots without the harsh chemicals. We also support our local and international artist by highlighting custom clothing & accessory pieces in our collections.

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